Tatva is the annual technical fest of BNMIT which was first organized in the year 2009.
Tatva has progressed and evolved to new heights over the last five years, and is now
an eagerly awaited event not just at BNMIT but also at colleges across Bengaluru.
Tatva 2018 will be the continued endeavor towards reaching a new milestone.



Expected Participants


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Total Prize money

1,25,000+ INR

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Tatva is a technical fest having over 30 events in two days.
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Performing live in BNMIT on March 23rd at 7:00PM

Belonging to an Indo-Kiwi background, Shirley has been making a name for herself in the music community on YouTube, especially in India. At the young age of 22, Shirley has already been creating ripples and has become an influencer; she uploads covers of famous Hindi tracks that resonate with the youth in India. With over 1.8 million followers and nearly 130 million views, her channel is one of the fastest growing on YouTube.

Hackathon by ThoughtClan

ThoughtClan Hackathon will be a 3 to 4 hour coding event where each participant can pick one among the several themes given and come up with a solution (in a the form of a program).
The theme will be given on the day of the hackathon.

•   Cash prize :     1st prize : INR 10,000    2nd prize : INR 5,000    3rd prize : INR 3,000   
•   Date : 24th March, 2018.
•   Venue : BNM Institute of Technology.
•   Entry fee : Free
•   Top 5 contestants will be eligible to be recruited by the company.

Note: Recruitment opportunities are only for final year participants.

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